The First Addition

After the application of a small amount of heat, the 4mm top plate settled into the radius close enough to tack it in place ready for the next radius to be attempted. This second stage will be more difficult because there’s not much metal left to get the leverage required. A more generous amount of heat, possibly getting the top plate to almost red-hot, will have to be administered.

The threaded rods are temporary, just to get the right distance between the 2 uprights. I’ll have to trim off the excess material – about a couple of inches – from each end of the top plate to finish.

Then I add the 2 end brackets sketched earlier; bolt the assembly to the chassis, drill the holes in the top plate which accept the rubber mounts that attach to the engine and the first new piece of the Special is complete. I’m sure it will all be perfectly straightforward.

And it was. It’s always the setting up which counts and with the heat, the plate practically fell into place.

The almost completed mount with surplus trimmed off – the end brackets aren’t made yet.

Now a jury rig to check it all works; you’ll notice that the engine is temporarily unslung for proof of the pudding,

….and this will be your view if you’re a hedgehog.

There’s more ground clearance than there appears to be at first glance – I calculated it to be the same as a Model A, about 12″, but it’s ended up at 9″; it’s those rulers again.


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