Today, I ‘ave Mostly Thunked…

….about brakes. I’ve come full circle and hydraulics at the front are back (so to speak) on the table. The back plates will take the brake pistons with very little machining and the shoes themselves are meaty enough to alter to suit. I’ll have to read up on a few do’s and don’ts before I start cutting and bending but, on the face of it, it all looks pretty straightforward – if a bit grubby at the moment.

The question raised the last time this motion was tabled was how was I going to balance the 2 systems if I keep the cables to the rear drums? Well, I’m definitely keeping the cable system to the rear because I can see that it would be a complete faff to work around the second (handbrake) shoe and balancing the systems will be just a case of fiddling with the lever-arms until I get it right. It can’t be beyond the wit of man; that’s how I see it anyway.

The car’s going to be quite light at the back so I don’t want the rear brakes locking up at the slightest provocation in any case.

So, having thunked about that I moved on to the middle engine mounting and the location of the steering box. Lots of measuring has produced a couple of drawings that I’ll send off to the laser cutting people; the scheme I sketched the other day seems to work well. Then, for encouragement, I perched the steering column on a stool in more or less the right place to take a picture.

There was one other part that required a redesign today and that was the front cross-member – him of the 16 rivets if you recall. With reference to the ’29 tourer, I noticed that this piece has undergone a complete revision and allowed for the later and taller radiator to be set lower in the frame whilst preserving the original bonnet line. As I’m lowering the bonnet line, I’ll copy the later type joggled beam and replace the one in the picture above to accommodate the earlier and shorter radiator.

‘s gettin’ right technical this..


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