Time Spent in Reconnaissance…..

….. is seldom wasted but you can spend a long time going around in circles and every time I go round again, something I’ve missed or not spent enough time on, makes its presence known.

This is the case with the middle engine mount. Why have I not considered the fact that the offside mount cuts straight across the pedal shaft? And why have I not considered incorporating the two? Come to that, why is the pedal box so far into the engine bay thus making the foot-wells more like a modern car than a vintage one? Perhaps I need that chassis extension after all…. it’s only 6 or 7″ and would make all the difference because this would enable me to move the seats and the pedals back, have a conventional vintage cockpit and preserve the length and shape of the back of the car as in the original drawing.

There is a practical consideration to be taken into account in carrying this idea through – one that becomes obvious in the small hours,  (I knew something wasn’t right but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it) and that is, that in order to maintain the chassis width at the back – so there’s no snags mounting the rear axle – the chassis extension needs to be joggled. It also subtley alters the pedal shaft plate and takes the pedal shaft away from the centre line of the engine mounting – good news because then the shaft no longer interfers with the mount.

But, just before I get out the cutting disc out and do irreparable damage, I’ll take a moment to jury rig a firewall and see what happens with the pedals and seats moved back.

….. well, that was a good idea because I’ve found out what’s been foxing me – the seats on the drawing are 23″ from front to back and the seats I’ve been using to jury rig and from which I’ve been taking measurements (the ’29 tourer seats which are rather sumptuous) are 30″. There’s my lost 7″!

So all of the above which refers to extending the chassis is, thankfully, a lot of hot air but it is clearly true that time spent……

And some good’s come out of it because I now know that I need to make the seats for the new car and not pinch the tourer ones which, as I said before, are rather comfy and as such, are best left where they are.

I wonder what the next diversion will be?


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