Back Home.

Well, that’s it for the next couple of years. I drove up the mountain on the penultimate day of our stay and stopped at the border with Spain just for a final fix before our return to England. Tuesday saw us on our way to Bayonne for breakfast, then Biarritz for the flight home.

We shall miss the rascally Zizou whose antics and 4.30am shemozzles with the cat announced each new day….

The flight home was happily uneventful.

Yesterday, I got straight down to the laser-cutting people to collect the plates for the gearbox rear mount. This is the set-up:

And, from the other side:

I’m now in the process of making up a couple of spacers for the centre and drilling the holes for the captive bolts on the clamp. A couple of tack welds and offer-up to make sure it all fits and that will be the end of the engine mounting schedule. I’ve dropped the radiator mount off at a local metal fabricator to see if they can get the centre support out (the one I didn’t have a big enough cutting disc for). They reckon they’ll use a gas torch and then I’ll clean it up afterwards. Thinking about it, maybe I should have just used a cutting disc on the job and cut out a strip from the top and bottom and then welded in a couple of new strips:

It’s too late now; I really need to get a grip – eat some fish or something.


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