Know How it Works No.4

Tra La! The scheme for the gear selector mechanism:

It all looks straight forward enough but I think it’s going to be tricky getting all the distances and angles right. I’m probably not going to build a model but instead, fabricate the mechanism on one of the spare gearboxes. Of course, the other tricky bit will be mounting the whole contraption – there aren’t many anchor points on the actual box itself.

I imagine that by the time I’m finished, the mechanism will have evolved as snags turn up but I think the basic principle behind the sketch is fine. The thing to do would be to do a proper engineering drawing at full-scale and then all the travel of the various components will be pretty well established and the guesswork would be taken out of it. I won’t go the whole hog but I think I’ll first measure the angles of travel of the selector and shift levers and from that I should be able to guesstimate the approximate dimensions of the rest of the mechanism. So, it looks like I’ll be putting the gearlever in the middle of the cockpit – that’s fine – but maybe with a little more thinking I could utilise one of the spare Hillman remote selector fandangos and keep the whole thing nice and vintage; it’s a thought….

And I expect you’re wondering what Know How it Works No.5 will be….? Well, as you know, I occasionally digress and it came to mind that a hint or tip for fellow adventurers might be of interest….


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