Progress Of A Sort.

A  few relatively small jobs occupied the whole of the Easter weekend.

Plug leads

Six metres of fancy plug lead arrived in the post so I set about that job (and it took the whole 6 metres). It was a bit of a fiddle and then I broke the rather brittle fairlead tube as I was feeding through number 6. Luckily, the tube didn’t shatter into a thousand pieces so some super glue and a bit of insulating tape has made good. I’m putting on brass spade ends for the vintage look…

I next painted the front of the radiator and mounted it in the shell. The paint has made a big difference and when I’ve decided what script to use for the name, it will be complete. In the general excitement, I’ve forgotten to start to build up the enamel on the original badge.

Radiator painted

And this is how it goes together..

Radiator assembly

The next job was to fit the ‘pedal box’ to the car and see if everything worked. That was a bit of a struggle and in the end I had to relieve a small part of the engine mount to get the whole malarkey in. I was going to have to take the centre mount out anyway to weld the clutch cable bracket onto the underslung member – the removal of which I approached with some trepidation but the front and rear mounts held the engine absolutely steady – a good thing to know and something which will make future maintenance a lot simpler than I imagined.

Pedal box

And that brought me on to the clutch cable attachments.

Clutch 1

At the bell-housing end, I had 3 goes at it – each being a development of the previous idea. The first was employing an old fork borrowed from the Hillman brake system; you can see one of the problems quite clearly – the angle of the cable. The other was how to secure the nipple in the fork. I couldn’t think of anything removable that would be strong enough. So on to the next idea which had a block for the nipple which slid into a sleeve – over complicated and still the angle of the cable was rubbish.

Clutch 2

As it turned out, simple was best, although to produce a 10mm wide channel section in a vice is a bit of a nightmare (I’ve always thought about making a bending machine – a bit like a Kennedy bender but haven’t got round to it).

Clutch 3

This solution works extremely well and once the clevis pin is in, the cable can’t come out of its slot (that was a happy accident but I’m still taking the credit if anyone asks). The run of the cable is also much better. The other end – the clutch pedal – is just a case of welding on a plate with some holes in it..

Clutch 4

Then all I’ve got to do on the pedal box is make up a fork fitting for the brake pedal, blast everything that needs a coat of paint and slap it all together again.

In the continuing psychological jostling for pole position, Learned Counsel’s been busy over the Easter period with the Jowett Jetpack…


…. I suppose that I should concede that there’s been some progress…. of a sort.


2 comments on “Progress Of A Sort.

  1. Roland says:

    What a great little blog! Keep up the good work Nigel, i’m going to get saving so you can make me a tailored car one day.

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