I’ve Never Heard A Whippet Bark.

I realised this as I sat at the traffic lights with a whippet looking at me from the back window of the car in front. Years ago, when I was quite small, a whippet called ‘Alfie’ used to visit our house on an almost daily basis. We didn’t know where he came from, nor where he went. Alfie never made a sound. As a breed they don’t seem to say a lot.

First body work

The first bits of the body were attached to the chassis today – not without the usual fiasco with rulers. I’ve no idea why I drilled the hole just adjacent to the handbrake lever….. but I’m sure it’ll come in handy for something. Anyway, I’m glad to be getting on with a bit of woodwork as it makes a change from metal bashing and as it’s more or less a cut-and-fit job, that makes it all the more fun.

Temp probe

I’ve inserted the temperature probe housing in the top hose – I’m not over fond of all those Jubilee clips, it would have been better to have extended the aluminium pipe from the top of the radiator but I didn’t think about it at the time.

Fuel tank

And I’ve got my fuel tank cylinder rolled so I’ve plenty to get on with over the next few evenings. But I couldn’t resist doing a bit more woodwork first.

Firewall 3

This is just a start and in the absence of a jig, gives me something to hang the ash frame on. The firewall will act as the datum for the rest of the construction. Like the Austin, I think I might lengthen the bonnet panels so that they end aft of the firewall to give access to a tray for tools and all the electrics. I hate not being able to get at anything so it’s as well to try to design things for ease of maintenance.

Austin bonnet

And talking of electrics, Sparks and I have been going round the houses trying to get the indicator set-up right so that it’s the work of a moment to install and is an easy retro-fit to any other car – trying to make it completely fool-proof is proving to be a bit of a trial. Anyway, my Hillman tourer needs a set, Learned Counsel piped up that he wants a set for the Jowett Jingle Bell and one or two others have said, ‘Coo, got any more of those Guv’nor?’ Anyway, I think I’m almost there and will soon be able to announce to the world that the WrightWay signalling system (incorporating hazards) will soon be seen on superior motor-cars everywhere. And if this project is as successful as the others I’ve from time to time developed, I’d better make room under the stairs for the boxes now….


Encouraged by the firewall although I’ve got to take it all to bits for trimming up and putting a sheet of stainless steel over the front of it, I jigged up the position of the instrument panel and whacked in a few floorboards. The first one has the hole for the gear lever and the rest, to the bulkhead position behind the seats, took only a few moments to cut.


Buoyed by this progress I changed tack and marked up the fuel tank ready for putting the joggle in the join.

Fuel tank

I still can’t think why I drilled that hole in the wrong place – I must be barking.


10 comments on “I’ve Never Heard A Whippet Bark.

  1. Simon Jansen says:

    Ah, excellent! The sticks and clamps stage!

    The extra hole makes it a ‘racing’ special. Everyone knows holes mean racing. You’ve increased the value of the car too as those racing holes aren’t cheap!


  2. Good spot Simon. I had a funny feeling that my ‘mistakes’ were for some greater purpose that had yet to be revealed to me. I shall continue to salute the magpies and tip my hat to the whippet – it’s all so obvious now.


  3. renaud says:

    “I’m not over fond of all those Jubilee clips, it would have been better to have extended the aluminium pipe from the top of the radiator but I didn’t think about it at the time.”
    But then vibrations would have broken the pipe Nigel. I believe it’s better how you did it. Why not get the praise for it even if you did it for the wrong reasons? 🙂

  4. Vibrations? On a six cylinder OHC engine? This can’t be true… 🙂

  5. Simon Jansen says:

    Could you use some high torque type hose clamps? I used some on my MGB and they look a hell of a lot nicer then standard Jubilee clips.

    Not sure how period they would be though!

    • I’ve actually got some of those, left over from a Lycoming rebuild. They’re a bit tatty but they might look ok scrubbed up – I’ll dig them out.

      • Simon Jansen says:

        The only problem with them is you need to size them a lot more accurately than standard clips as they don’t adjust as much. I prefer them though as they also don’t cut into the hoses if you do them up tight. I think they are all stainless. They should clean up nicely!

  6. renaud says:

    Hi to you both!
    No time to write in your site Simon? Ali skinning’s time consuming? 🙂 I do think so! We are waiting man…
    I like these clamps too. They do exist in steel too here as well as stainless. I feel SS too flashy and not very period, period. Also I used it professionally by the ton & now I hate the stuff.
    Nigel, what is the material you made the wood panels of in the A7 please? I like the thoroughness of your woodwork too by the way.

    • Renaud,
      I too was wondering what Simon was up to…..
      The A7 has 2 layers of 1.5mm aircraft quality birch ply. The first layer is glued to the stringers in panels horizontally and each panel is scarfed (about 15:1) so the joins are completely smooth. The second layer is strips of the same quality 1.5mm birch ply super-glued (the best quality industrial stuff – not from Intermarché) set at about 45 degrees. It makes for a very rigid and light structure whilst looking the part as well. If you use plywood for anything, always remember to de-glaze by sanding the surface before you apply the glue; if you don’t, the joint isn’t sound. The de Havilland Mosquito had a similar construction so if I ever put wings on the A7, I’m half way there!

      • Simon Jansen says:

        I’ve been slacking! Not much body work but I have been trying to reassemble a working rear axle to complete the rolling chassis. After struggling for ages we found my crown wheel was a 41 tooth and not a 42 that it should be. I also discovered that marking blue is not the same thing as engineers blue (I asked in the shop for Engineers blue and they gave me marking blue). I need to start hammering the body again so this weekend is planned to be all on the car. I am excused from all other duties! I am also starting to think about buying engine parts.Need to investigate that.


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