Keeping Cool…..

… has been quite difficult these last few weeks but, I’m not complaining – it’s cold for long enough. The Austin will also be keeping cool now that the water pump has been fitted. I was in the workshop at 6.30 last Saturday, determined to make as much progress as I could because I’m working for Cook for part of this coming weekend.

Austin engine

That’s the major part of the installation with the gearbox and engine oil all topped up and then I set about the water pump. Matching the bore of the pump to the water inlet manifold and radiator wasn’t the chore I imagined and with some odd bits of hose from other jobs, I got the inlet manifold to pump sorted out quite neatly.


The bits and pieces slip easily between the crankcase and the dynamo. I was very lucky to have a stainless steel 90 degree bend of just the right diameter – left over from the SU carb conversion – which set the tone for the rest of the job. I had to go down to the plumbing shop for the fittings to go on the radiator to pump side of the business, plus a couple of Jubilee’s and bit of hose to finish off. Because the water will be pumping round the system, I don’t think that the reduction in bore size either side of the pump is going to matter much, if at all; it might even speed the flow up a bit. The only thing to watch out for is the pump failing, then the reduced bore size will make a difference to the thermo-syphon effect. We’ll just have to keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

Radiator to pump

In between all this, I managed to rub down the Hillman tank and give that a second coat of black. Next weekend – or the part left that I have to myself – I’m determined to get the Hillman tourer hood done. Actually, I’ll probably get on with that during the week as I’ve had my friend’s sewing machine for a couple of months and done nothing with it; he may ask for it back at any moment. And, the mention of sewing – needles – sharp bits of metal….. whilst I was lying on the floor of the workshop putting the sump tray back on the Austin, I must have unknowingly picked up a bit of metal because this morning I felt a scratchy thing on my shoulder. With the tweezers, I removed a piece of wire 12mm long!  I didn’t even know it was there….. no sense, as they say…..

Dashboard control

I’ve fished out an old switch which happened to have a ‘W’ on it and mounted that in between the choke and the starter. The wiring was dead easy because when I built the Austin and did the electrics, I put a bus bar for power behind the dash. There were a couple of terminals free so that saved a lot of fiddling about. I also found an old aircraft dashboard fuse-holder which I’ve mounted in the sparks bay under the bonnet. It’s all turned out rather more neatly than I’d hoped.



8 comments on “Keeping Cool…..

  1. Douglas says:

    Hi great blog, do you have any photos or info of the inlet manifold used on the A7, I am trying to come up with a similar soultion. thanks

  2. Gary Bennett says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Can you tell me what sort of water pump you are using and where I can get one myself because Im installing a heater into my Austin 7. It would be good to make contact with you as Im a pilot myself and have an Austin 7 like you. Can you email me please. Regards Gary

    • Hello Gary,

      It’s a Davies Craig electric water pump available from Demon Tweeks. The engine runs a bit cool but a restrictor would help. I have a modern core in the radiator so a water pump helps apparently.
      I’m toying with the idea of revalidating my PPL but it’s time, money and priorities that are holding me back.
      Hope this helps.

  3. David Offer says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Which model / flow rate did you use, bearing in mind that you say that it runs a bit cool? Currently thinking of either EBP15 (15l/min), EBP23 (23l/min or EBP25 (25l/min), for a crossflow system in my A7 based Ashley 750.

    • Hello David,
      I couldn’t tell you which model it was other than it was a booster pump and came from Davies Craig via, I think, Demon Tweeks. I didn’t do the science for my Austin but I would think that any flow rate would be better than the thermo syphon system if, as I was, you’re running a modern core in the radiator.
      Thanks for your interest.

  4. Wian says:

    Hi Nigel

    I am also rebuilding a Austin Seven and would like to know more about your carburetor setup. What manifold are you using? I presume it is a normanl HS2 SU?



    • Hello Wian,
      The carb was I think, from a post war Morris Minor – if they were HS2’s, then that’s what it was. The new owners have since fitted an SU with a larger choke but I don’t know the details. The intake manifold was an aluminium casting from one of the Seven suppliers and I extended it with a stainless steel bend to get clearance. That part was only partially successful as it gave rise to quite a lot of carb icing. The exhaust manifold was a work of art created by Competition Fabrications in Norfolk.
      Thanks for your interest – I could try and get details of the new set-up if you’d like?

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