Need I Tell You….

… that the light switch, a Lucas PRS 5, continued to fox me and, not being terribly good with meters (continuity is the only thing I know I can get right(ish)) I took the thing apart and did a bit of a schematic.

Light switch

At first it looked like a couple of people doing the tango but I think I’ve managed to work out a system whereby the headlights stay on when the fog lights (which I haven’t got) are switched on by the simple expedient of having a double connection to the headlights – the second line sharing a post with the fog lights. I’m going to have to ask a cleverchap if I can pass the lighting currents through the switch or if I need to go to a relay before getting to the head lights – I expect the switch can cope happily enough with the side and rear lights.

Flush riveted panel

Before I confused myself any further, I thought I’d attach the extra bits to the front of the side panels. Of course, it’s all very well doing flush riveting but if you put a joggle in both panels – which I did without thinking it through – there’s always going to be a join showing in the form of a ridge. Having done that to the nearside panel, the offside panel had to match. I won’t try to hide it with pudding because it’ll only make it worse so it’ll have to be a feature, then nobody will notice it.

Plan view

The Ambassador’s Daughter and I went on a lunch run on Sunday in the company of 56 other vintage cars and amongst them was a very nice skiff-bodied Vauxhall 30/98; a local car which I’d long admired and been inspired by when thinking about the Hillman. I’d also always thought of the Vauxhall as rather big and imposing but was surprised at how small it seemed in comparison to the Special. I think it’s the height that does it; it’s a bit of a climb up to the cockpit of the Hillman.


Whilst I was fiddling on with the panelling, The Ambassador’s Daughter got on with the carpet. It was a bit of a job doing the edging and in the end we elected to do just the front and the back and leave all the cut-outs for a rainy day.

Petrol tap flap

And a secret flap to hide the secret fuel tap was incorporated in the design.

Rear end closure

While I was running through the engine re-assembly process in my mind – the sourcing of gaskets and so forth, I tackled the closing off of the rear end. It’s not going to be as awkward as I thought it might – I didn’t really think about the method at the time of construction because I was distracted by the problems associated with the spare wheel carrier. A nip here and a tuck there is going to see the job well done. I also gave some thought to the indicator system which, like the light switch, is a bit of a mystery.Indicator electronics

There’s a wiring diagram but, need I tell you….



5 comments on “Need I Tell You….

  1. Hi Nigel,
    I would (and did) relay the main and fog etc. power lights. with separate relays/fuses left and right. This is comfortable in case of trouble on one side! I’d be pleased to give advice about your electronic gizmo too.

    • Hello Renaud,
      I thought that might be the case; relays it is. I think I’ve worked out what to do with the electronic thing – the diagram is almost clear to me but if I come unstuck, you’ll definitely hear from me. Hope all’s well in Brittany – you must have almost finished your Special by now…?

  2. lureofspeed says:

    Fun run, Sunday, skiff bodied Vauxhall… I rather think I was there!

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