No. If I’d looked more carefully I would have counted ten leaves in each of the Hillman’s rear springs – not that it matters from a mechanical point of view but it would be nice to be able to think that I could still count up to ten without getting it wrong.


In Denmark, one thing that was to me instantly apparent and that contrasted starkly with the part of Northern Europe I’ve been visiting lately, was the amount of buildings surviving from antiquity. This may well have been a result of Denmark’s delicate relationship with Germany in the first years of WWII, and its relatively low importance strategically in comparison to other parts of Scandinavia at the outset of the conflict. But, whatever the reason, it’s a stroke of good luck for all of us.


Copenhagen, like Amsterdam, has a network of canals and associated marine traffic.


It also boasts an impressive Royal residence complete with changing of the guard, flags and whatnot.

Egeskov Castle

However, Egeskov castle, the home of Titania’s Palace, was the highlight of the trip. I wouldn’t normally enthuse about doll’s houses but this one is an exceptional example of the miniaturist’s art.

Titiana' Boudoir

Then there was the motor museum with an eclectic mix of cars, aeroplanes and motorcycles and associated bits and bobs.

Racing MG

This racing MG had faired headrests for driver and mechanic….

Pobjoy Niagara

…and now you know where to find the Pobjoy for the Comper Swift you promised yourself you’d build.

Flying Flea

Just as tricky to handle would be this Flying Flea (it would be wise to gen up on the flying characteristics before taking to the air).


And motorcycles as far as the eye could see.

Johannes Larsen

And lastly, the Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde was worth a visit if only for the house of the artist and his family alone. I’m not a great fan of Larsen’s work but his illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, were splendid and in the medium (ink and watercolour) I think he handled best. So there was lots to see and do when I was not paying close attention to my sister, our generous hosts and matters canine. The only regrettable part of our trip was the necessity to fly with Ryanair. The actual flying bit was fine – the cabin staff were attentive and efficient – but the booking, checking in (especially for the return trip), weighing in and everything else was just a nightmare. We’ll be driving next time.

Hook of Holland

Which is what I found myself doing not 12 hours after I got back. A call to return to Sweden saw me and my fellow Magneteer on the ferry bound for the Hook of Holland to begin the 850 mile journey (passing 15 minutes away from where I was the day before) to Karlskrona.


We stopped in Lübeck, famous for its wonderful city gates and marzipan and the next day got the ferry from Puttgarten across to Denmark. On the boat I bought a couple of packets of Maltesers just to keep me going.


I ration myself to nine at a time, taken at intervals throughout the day. Of course, my counting isn’t what it used to be.


3 comments on “Nine?

  1. Louise Hamlin Wright says:

    Lovely description of our stay in Denmark! I’ve passed it on to Michael!

  2. Sue Wilson says:

    Any further forward with the works of Schaad?

  3. sallyball4 says:

    I love this posting! So envious of the beautiful doll’s house. What a wonderful trip!

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