Where Am I?

Oh yes, Karlskrona.

My last stay here was a 21 day marathon; this time it’s just a 4 day stint to finish off the job we didn’t manage to complete a few weeks ago because of the difficulties with some of the cable. I’ve always been a bit unsure about the food at the hotel I’m staying in; there’s nothing wrong with it but, somehow it just doesn’t suit me. There’s a distinct lack of seasoning and, like in America, there’s always some ghastly dressing drizzled all over the salad. I know that working the night-shift may have a bearing on it – everything gets turned upside down – but a splash of oil, a squeeze of lemon and some salt and pepper would lift everything. There are 3 Thai restaurants in the town, one is a buffet where you help yourself; that arrangement and the food, suits me perfectly.

I was home for only three days before setting off again, this time in the company of The Ambassador’s Daughter, to Lelystad for the Nationale Oldtimerdag – cars that is. After getting off the boat at the Hook of Holland, we ambled our way to Delft in time for coffee, Amsterdam for lunch and supper at the marina in Lelystad.

Lelystad is only 50 years old; reclaimed and developed by an engineer for whom the town is named. I’ve never stayed in Holland – I’ve passed through it on the way to somewhere else for nearly 60 years – and I have to say that I was delighted with everything. The people were friendly, generous and relaxed – nothing seemed to be too much trouble – and, being a flattish sort of place, it was ideal for a vintage car!

The reason for the trip was to meet up with Hans and Adrie who had bought ‘Sunita’. I was looking forward to seeing the changes they’d made to the car to make it their own – something I entirely approve of. Everything they’d done had given the little car a bit of extra character, colour and ‘authenticity’. An air pump and pressure gauge had been added, the stainless steel screws on the panel work had been changed for rivets, newly painted wheels, a matt black exhaust complete with fishtail and period headlamps were some of the more obvious changes but, the most noticeable was the addition of a ‘birdcage’ grille on the cowl. It all looked great and, testament to Hans’ and Adrie’s work, Sunita was surrounded by visitors throughout the day.

Amongst the 520 cars that attended the show – I’ve never seen so many fabulous 30’s drophead Mercedes’ – this little Skoda Cabriolet caught my eye; definitely one I’d have taken home with me.

And I’d never seen an Amphicar in action – there were 2 off them having fun, though if you look closely, the occupants are all studying the floor. I hope Blooojgs remembered to put the plug in…

And to round off the weekend, a visit to Lelystad’s Aviodrome where a Catalina was buzzing about and we were treated to an impromptu display by a Mustang.

Best show’s a free show!






3 comments on “Where Am I?

  1. paul needham says:


    Spooky leaving for Holland on the 13th July for 2 weeks cycling on my Python trike towing a trailer full of camping gear and fancied crossing the meer on the lower of the 2 causeways which drops us at Lelystad.

    Museum looks interesting and we hope to end up at Delft on the campground south of the city in the nature reserve , all very beautiful especially as I love waterways lakes and ferries !

    all the best Paul

    • Have fun! You should be in your Special! Looking forward to the next progress report.

      • paul needham says:

        You are so right , however the cycling keeps the weight under control as the food input [ all bad ] is considerable !

        Hope to get back to it September when cycling adventures tail off for the year , before then I have an attempt at 120 miles in one day and a cycling weekend over August B/H at Mildenhall.


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